International Tea Day☕

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International Tea Day in India in 2024
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About International Tea Day

How long until International Tea Day?
International Tea Day .
Dates of International Tea Day
2025 India Monday, December 15thInternational Tea Day
2024 India Sunday, December 15thInternational Tea Day
2023 India Friday, December 15thInternational Tea Day
2022 India Thursday, December 15thInternational Tea Day
2021 India Wednesday, December 15thInternational Tea Day
A day to celebrate the most popular drink in the world after water.

To honour the significance of the international tea trade and all those involved in tea production, from the plantation to the finished product.

An International Tea Day has been celebrated on December 15th since 2005, in tea-producing countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda and Tanzania.

International Tea Day aims to draw global attention of governments and citizens to the impact of the global tea trade on workers and growers and has been linked to requests for price supports and fair trade.

In 2015, the Indian government proposed expanding the observance of International Tea Day through the FAO Intergovernmental Group on Tea (IGG on Tea).

The FAO IGG on Tea leads multilateral efforts to support the world tea economy has been a great advocate for the proclamation of International Tea Day.

In 2015, during a meeting in Milan, Italy, the IGG on Tea discussed the idea of an International Tea Day. The proposal was then endorsed by the FAO Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP) and subsequently adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2019.

It is believed that tea originated in northeast India, north Myanmar and southwest China, but the exact place where the plant first grew is not known. Tea has been with us for a long time. There is evidence that tea was consumed in China 5,000 years ago.

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Whilst how to make the perfect cup of tea is debated, this recipe below is an easy way to make good tasting tea in no time.

  • First place your tea bag in a teapot filled with hot water and leave the pot to brew for 2 minutes.
  • Pour your tea into your cup, leaving enough room for the desired amount of milk.
  • Stir your tea in a clockwise fashion, two to three times and leave the spoon on your saucer.
  • Add sugar and stir again if necessary.
  • Enjoy, the perfect cup of tea.

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