Daylight Savings End๐Ÿ•˜

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Daylight Savings End around the world in 2024
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About Daylight Savings End

How long until Daylight Savings End?
Daylight Savings End .
Dates of Daylight Savings End
2025 Various Apr 6, Oct 26
GermanySun, Oct 26Observances Holiday
New ZealandSun, Apr 6Observances Holiday
USASun, Oct 26Observances Holiday
United KingdomSun, Oct 26Not A Public Holiday
2024 Various Apr 7, Oct 27
GermanySun, Oct 27Observances Holiday
New ZealandSun, Apr 7Observances Holiday
USASun, Oct 27Observances Holiday
United KingdomSun, Oct 27Not A Public Holiday
2023 Various Apr 2, Oct 29, Nov 5
GermanySun, Oct 29Observances Holiday
New ZealandSun, Apr 2Observances Holiday
USASun, Nov 5Observances Holiday
United KingdomSun, Oct 29Not A Public Holiday
2022 Various Apr 3, Oct 30, Nov 6
GermanySun, Oct 30Observances Holiday
New ZealandSun, Apr 3Observances Holiday
USASun, Nov 6Observances Holiday
United KingdomSun, Oct 30Not A Public Holiday
2021 Various Apr 4, Oct 31, Nov 7
GermanySun, Oct 31Observances Holiday
New ZealandSun, Apr 4Observances Holiday
USASun, Nov 7Observances Holiday
United KingdomSun, Oct 31Not A Public Holiday
Get ready to set your clocks back by one hour as daylight savings time ends.
Where is Daylight Savings End observed in 2024?
GermanyOct 27
USAOct 27

The idea of daylight saving time (DST) was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, but it was not widely adopted until the 20th century. The modern system of daylight saving time was first introduced by Germany and Austria-Hungary during World War I as a way to conserve coal. The practice was later adopted by other countries and is now observed in many parts of the world, although the start and end dates, as well as the amount of time shifted, can vary widely between countries and regions.

In the United States, daylight saving time is primarily regulated by the Uniform Time Act of 1966, which sets the dates for DST to begin on the second Sunday of March and end on the first Sunday of November. However, states and territories are free to exempt themselves from observing DST if they so choose.

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