National Acadian Day

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National Acadian Day in Canada in 2024

About National Acadian Day

How long until National Acadian Day?
National Acadian Day .
Dates of National Acadian Day
2025 Canada Friday, August 15thNational Acadian Day
2024 Canada Thursday, August 15thNational Acadian Day
2023 Canada Tuesday, August 15thNational Acadian Day
2022 Canada Monday, August 15thNational Acadian Day
2021 Canada Sunday, August 15thNational Acadian Day
Though the French colony of Acadia may have disappeared the spirit of those early settlers lives on through its descendants.

Acadians are the descendants of the French settlers of Acadia, the French colony on the Atlantic coast of North America in what is now the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

In a statement issued on August 15th 2021, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, said: โ€œThe history of the Acadians is one of extraordinary resilience and perseverance. Braving exile, forced displacement, and discrimination, the Acadians have succeeded over centuries in making their culture, traditions, and language survive and flourish."

August 15th was designated as the Acadian national holiday at the first National Acadian Convention, which was held in Memramcook, New Brunswick, in 1881. This date is known today as National Acadian Day.

For over 400 years, Acadians have played a key role in building Canada and contributing to its diversity. The vitality of the Acadian people extends beyond our borders, and their contributions in all sectors are well known across the country and around the world. I invite all Canadians to join in these events and celebrate the Acadian people.

The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage
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