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Santa Dulce in Brazil in 2024
Image: Saint Dulce of the Poor.

About Santa Dulce

How long until Santa Dulce?
Santa Dulce .
Dates of Santa Dulce
2025 Brazil Wednesday, August 13thSanta Dulce
2024 Brazil Tuesday, August 13thSanta Dulce
2023 Brazil Sunday, August 13thSanta Dulce
2022 Brazil Saturday, August 13thSanta Dulce
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Santa Dulce in Brazil.

The first saint born in Brazil, celebrated by the Brazilian Catholics, combines several reasons for the honor. Sister Dulce was born in Salvador in 1914 and dedicated her life to helping the poor and the sick, being known for transforming a chicken coop into a hospital.

She had two miracles recognized by the Vatican. The first, in 2021, would have been in Sergipe, where prayers in his name would have stopped the bleeding of a woman who suffered for 18 hours after giving birth to her second child. In 2014, a conductor from Bahia returned to see after asking for the intercession of the nun.

Sister Dulce was canonized in October 2019, 27 years after her death.

In September 2019, the government of Bahia had already enacted October 13th as Sister Dulce’s Day in the state, but the date is not a public holiday. The Catholic Church celebrates Santa Dulce on August 13th, the day she became a nun.

In 2021, Senator Ângelo Coronel (PSD-BA) drew up a bill to mark Santa Dulce with a national holiday on March 13th each year. In November, he diluted the bill to propose Sant Dulce as a National Day and to observe it on August 13th.

“Irmã Dulce built a chicken coop into what would later become the largest hospital in Bahia. And in 1959 the Associação Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce (OSID) was founded, followed by the Albergue Santo Antônio. She was the good angel of Bahia who was admired nationally and worldwide because she only lived to help the poorest, “defends the Senator from Bahia on the grounds of the project.

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