Belarusian Written Language Day

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Belarusian Written Language Day in Belarus in 2022
Image: Flag of Belarus.

About Belarusian Written Language Day

How long until Belarusian Written Language Day?
Belarusian Written Language Day .
Dates of Belarusian Written Language Day
2023 Belarus Sunday, September 3rdBelarusian Written Language Day
2022 Belarus Sunday, September 4thBelarusian Written Language Day
2021 Belarus Sunday, September 5thBelarusian Written Language Day
2020 Belarus Sunday, September 6thBelarusian Written Language Day
2019 Belarus Sunday, September 1stBelarusian Written Language Day
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Belarusian Written Language Day is a national holiday which has been celebrated since 1994 on the first Sunday in September.

It is held to popularize the best traditions of national culture, literature, and the spiritual heritage of the Belarusian people. The festival is hosted by takes place in historical, cultural, scientific and literature centres.

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