National Revival Day

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National Revival Day in Azerbaijan in 2022

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How long until National Revival Day?
National Revival Day .
Dates of National Revival Day
2024 Azerbaijan Sunday, November 17thNational Revival Day
2023 Azerbaijan Friday, November 17thNational Revival Day
2022 Azerbaijan Thursday, November 17thNational Revival Day
2021 Azerbaijan Wednesday, November 17thNational Revival Day
2020 Azerbaijan Tuesday, November 17thNational Revival Day
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On November 17th 1988, mass demonstrations began against the Soviet Union at the square named after Lenin (square of Freedom) in Baku. Demonstrators mostly concerned about the outbreak of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the influx of refugees.

At the time there were calls for Azerbaijan to leave the USSR. During the event, on November 22nd a curfew was imposed in Baku, and large forces of Soviet troops were brought to the city. On December 3rd, the protesters were dispersed and approximately 400 people were arrested.

The Day of National Revival symbolizes the beginning of the national liberation movement for Azerbaijanis and has been a national holiday since 1992.

Since 1992, November 17th has been celebrated as a National Revival Day in the country.

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