European Heritage Day

European Heritage Day in Austria in 2021

About European Heritage Day

How long until European Heritage Day?
European Heritage Day .
Dates of European Heritage Day
2023 Austria Sunday, September 24thEuropean Heritage Day
2022 Austria Sunday, September 25thEuropean Heritage Day
2021 Austria Sunday, September 26thEuropean Heritage Day
2020 Austria Sunday, September 27thEuropean Heritage Day
2019 Austria Sunday, September 29thEuropean Heritage Day
A day to celebrate Austria's role at the centre of Europe and the importance of its heritage.

European Heritage Day is a day for Austrians to remember just how important their culture and their identity is, opening it all up for the whole world to see.

During this holiday, most of the country's museums, landmarks, and monuments are open for free to the public. It's a chance for tourists and new residents to get to know the country better. To get to know its history in better detail. And to know what it truly means to be an Austrian.

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