National Receptionists Day

National Receptionists Day in Australia in 2022
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About National Receptionists Day

How long until National Receptionists Day?
National Receptionists Day .
Dates of National Receptionists Day
2023 Australia Wednesday, May 10thNational Receptionists Day
2022 Australia Wednesday, May 11thNational Receptionists Day
2021 Australia Wednesday, May 12thNational Receptionists Day
2020 Australia Wednesday, May 13thNational Receptionists Day
2019 Australia Wednesday, May 8thNational Receptionists Day
Receptionists are the face of many companies and their professionalism helps everyone get what they need.
National Receptionists Day in other countries
National Receptionists Day internationally

Observed in Australia, Canada, UK and US on the second Wednesday in May, this is a day Of recognition for the front-line personnel in business. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and that is the unique job of a receptionist.

This day was inaugurated in 1991 by Jennifer Alexander to recognize the special role that receptionists play and to distinguish their skills from that of an admin or secretary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are over a million receptionists in the US, especially in legal and medical offices.

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