National Apology Day

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National Apology Day in Australia in 2022

About National Apology Day

How long until National Apology Day?
National Apology Day .
Dates of National Apology Day
2023 Australia Monday, February 13thNational Apology Day
2022 Australia Sunday, February 13thNational Apology Day
2021 Australia Saturday, February 13thNational Apology Day
2020 Australia Thursday, February 13thNational Apology Day
2019 Australia Wednesday, February 13thNational Apology Day
Marks the day when the Australian govt. formally apologised for their impact on the First Nations Peoples.

This event marks the anniversary of the Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples in the House of Representatives on 13 February 2008 by former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, apologising for past laws, policies and practices that have impacted on Australia’s First Nations Peoples, particularly members of the Stolen Generations. The motion was supported by the Opposition and passed through both houses of Parliament; Brendan Nelson (former Leader of the Opposition) gave a formal response.

Many members of the Stolen Generations were present in the Chamber to hear the Apology and thousands more filled the Great Hall of Parliament House and flowed out onto the lawns to watch it on big screens. The Apology was broadcast across Australia.

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